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Eily’s favorite aspect of creating jewellery is crafting something bespoke in her unique style, just for you. With an avid eye for the unusual and textured, Eily has created some extraordinary pieces for her bona fide clients from designing engagement and wedding bands, reviving and re-melting heirlooms to simply casting a small silver pendant from an acorn found in a special garden. No project is too big or too small and Eily loves the challenge of omitting your senses through a bespoke piece of jewellery which will be made with the finest materials to last.

Personal meetings can be made near her Bristol studio or as she travels a lot just get in touch to see when she may be able to meet up in your vicinity to discuss the evolution of your idea to concept. Alternatively this process can easily be done through email. Many special commissions have been made remotely for people around the globe whom she has never met!

The whole process can take 4-6 weeks averagely. Longer if sourcing some unusual stone/ carving complicated wax shape and possibly a tiny bit shorter if you have been procrastinating a bit too much and the design is simple! It will always vary from piece to piece so step one, just get in touch to see what is possible.
Look at the drop down menu under this “Bespoke” page to see a gallery of “commissions” for examples of some bespoke work done to date.
Just get in touch so that Eily can bring your thoughts to fruition for a treasured heirloom that no one else has via the contact page.

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