Residencies – Amsterdam

Usually, Eily’s jewellery work mirrors crisis in the natural environment. ‘Pheromones’ mirrors the evolution of moths and thus a more positive subject told through limited edition lino prints.

The theme came about from contacting Amsterdam based entomologists to find out what interesting insect species they were studying. The subject was open to whoever responded and the only stipulation is that they would be studying an insect new to Eily’s work.

Astrid Groot from the Institute for Biodiversity and Ecosystems Dynamics in the University replied back to an email. She explained how she is studying the sexual behavior of moths, to understand how this contributes to speciation (the evolution process by which new biological species arise) and thus biodiversity.

Pheromones are emitted by moths in order to attract new mates and certain species give off specialist perfumes. As it is so important for us to understand evolution, the work Astrid and her team for their work is highly admirable.

We often think of moths are purely cardigan eating pests. Maybe now you will see that they are indeed a beautiful species with fascinating complexities.

As O’ Connells jewellery deals with darker notes, maybe once they are transported home to her native Ireland, they may evolve into a new species on route…

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