Eily’s one of a kind ‘Relic’ collection has been exhibited worldwide in order to highlight the plight of bees. This 9k gold ring is cast from bee heads, and the striped band is based on a bee’s antenna. The intricate piece is crowned with an ethical yellow sapphire from Montana.

    The organically shaped round band measures approximately 2mm in depth. Ring size M

    Only 6 pieces were made for this small collection so this is a rare and special piece of jewellery.

  • Corroded Dweller ring size Q


    One of a kind ring from Eily’s “Hybrid” range where each pieces is made up from a hybrid of different species. Recorded into metal and forming new species, these treasures take on a unique life of their own.

    This particular ring “Corroded Dweller” is cast from sea bark, layered up like steps around the finger with a crab’s body and dung beetles head. Other areas have been carved and then it has all been cast into solid silver. It then has orange enamel and a fire opal stone set into it.

    It is so called “Corroded Dweller” as the orange enamelling resembles rust  and dung beetles like to spend time dwelling underground to eat their collections from the day.

    This is a one of a kind piece of contemporary statement jewellery and sits beautifully on the hand.

    Artist statement

    “Referencing the disruption of nature’s order through her work, Eily conjuers up wearable macabre treasures, illuminating absurd beauty in natural forms.

    Studying them delicately before deciding how she will encapsulate their inherent attributes, morphing them into new species by casting and recording them in metal opens up a new world for them, allowing change in their disposition, enhancing their mystic. Each piece is then
    refined and gently swathed with gemstones, enamels, surface techniques and other curios.

    Acting as the beholder of such manipulation, O Connell mimics thepower we as humans abuse, altering nature’s path. Ultimately, leading to a juxtaposition of allure and a sinister presence lurking through the work.”

  • Scale earrings one of a kind


    Unleash your inner “Medussa” with these one of a kind earrings cast from snakeskin combined with other hybrid species elements.

    They are made in solid silver with green enamel on the “scale” part below that drops down in chandelier style on your ear.

    Small green diamonds are set into the top part of the earring that sits flat against your ear.

    Extra large earring backs will keeo them securely on your ear.

    They are truly beautiful on.

    Made as part of recent snakeskin series I have been doing as interested in using new textures.


  • “Bee Keepers” 9 carat gold, spinel and silver


    The silver “bee” part of these earrings are cast from various bee parts. Eily’s one of a kind work revolves around creating “Hybrid” species that are human manipulated forms of nature. The bees here have abnormal wings and head growths.

    The stones and post are cast from 9 carat white gold and have an antique look to them. Rose cut onyx stones are set into the 9 carat gold.

    The earrings come from Eily’s one of a kind ‘Relic’ collection which has been exhibited worldwide in order to highlight the plight of bees.

    Only 6 pieces were made for this small collection so these are a rare and special piece of jewellery.

    One of a kind.

    Please contact if more information is needed.

  • Honeysnake one of a kind earrings


    One of a kind silver, hybrid earrings cast from snakeskin at the top and the bottom is hand fabricated honeycomb structures. For bee and serpeant lovers alike.

    Assymetrical shapes add some quirkiness to the earrings and each one is made individually. The top part of the earrings are  cast from snakeskin and have a beautiful texture and feel. The back is smooth for comfort against the ear.

    The bottom honeycomb part has been cut from sheet and soldered with a wire frame edge and then “honeycomb enameling” has been done on the inside of  the hand fabricated shapes. This enameling combination is unique to Eily and has been kiln fired on to around 800 degrees.

    These are one of a kind stunning earrings that sit beautifully against the ear.

    They have earring pins and extra large backs for security.

  • Black Rose ring


    This “black rose” ring has been 18 carat yellow gold plated over solid silver. It has black enamel and is polished smooth inside for comfort. A striking statement ring that sits nicely on the finger.

    Perfect to add to a stacking ring collection or simply worn alone.

    This ring is a size K. Variations can be made but this is a one off piece.

    All work comes packaged in branded black boxes with gold foil logo print. These are made from recycled materials as is all marketing material used in the studio.

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