• “Bee Keepers” 9 carat gold, spinel and silver


    The silver “bee” part of these earrings are cast from various bee parts. Eily’s one of a kind work revolves around creating “Hybrid” species that are human manipulated forms of nature. The bees here have abnormal wings and head growths.

    The stones and post are cast from 9 carat white gold and have an antique look to them. Rose cut onyx stones are set into the 9 carat gold.

    The earrings come from Eily’s one of a kind ‘Relic’ collection which has been exhibited worldwide in order to highlight the plight of bees.

    Only 6 pieces were made for this small collection so these are a rare and special piece of jewellery.

    One of a kind.

    Please contact if more information is needed.

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