• Brain coral ring – one of a kind with silver, enamel and orange citrine


    One of a kind ring from Eily’s ever evolving “Hybrids” range of contemporary jewellery. This ring is silver with enamel fired inside and has an orange citrine. It’s very unusual in shape and is a talking piece.

    The top part is hollow and the enamel is fired inside this hollow part. This was a tricky process to keep the enamel on the roof of the ring so that it fired successfully to it.  The enamel is a fire red.

    The citrine is held in the “eye” of the bark on top, complimenting the orange tones in the inside enamel.

    A signed card will be written with the ring declaring it’s name and authenticity.

    It is called “Brain Coral” as the colours look like coral mixed with brains. It’s citrine, third eye peers at you whilst wearing and so it deserves a macabre name.

    Please enquire for price and more details.

    Artist statement on “Hybrids”

    Referencing the disruption of nature’s order through my work, I create new life forms that appear as direct replications of recognizable organic matter yet they are not quite as they seem.

    Having accumulated an assortment of natural forms and materials based on their intrinsic characters, the process of casting helps me to amalgamate these ever evolving hybrids, deceptively leading to mistaken identity.

    By acting as the divine creator, I am mimicking the power we have to alter nature’s path, which ultimately leads to chaos and the sinister presence lurking throughout the work.

  • Algae Bloom ring

    “Algae Bloom” ring is a nod to algal blooms which occur in water where there is a rapid increase in the population of algae. This causes a discoloration in the water, which has varying shades of teals and greens. It is often caused by too much fertilizer being washed into the water promoting the growth of bacteria, which cause these blooms. Man’s residual effect of fertilizing the soil, forgetting the symbiosis that exists between all living organisms.

    Eily’s work deals with the disruption of nature’s order by creating hybrid works of macabre jewellery. Acting as the beholder of such manipulation, she mimics the power we have and sometimes abuse, to alter nature’s path. Ultimately, leading to a juxtaposition of allure and a sinister presence lurking through the work.
    Each piece is made by collecting and combining various organic matter based on it’s intrinsic qualities. These are married together to create new other worldly forms by the process of casting. This ring has been cast from natural materials with some wax carving. It has been cast in two parts, silver and 18 carat gold, then soldered. It has been oxidized, enameled and a tourmaline and quartz are set into the ring.


  • Fiji Mermaid

    ‘These pieces derive from the “sea monsters” collection that are sure to give you magical powers driven by the power of water when worn.

    Beware of Fiji Mermaids, they will lure you in with their colourful looks and then pull you under water…

    This piece is 9 carat gold, one of a kind with an amethyst to the middle and seafoam tourmaline to the side.

    Hallmarked by the London assay office with my registered EOC mark.

    Each item comes in custom black boxes that have a gold foil logo. All boxes are recycled as are all business cards and postcards that are also included.

    Personalised handwritten note not a problem, please write note after payment to be included with your purchase.




    Beautiful and intricate, silver crab claw studs cast from real crab claws found on the West Coast of Ireland.



  • Twig pin


    Cast in solid silver from a twig that came from a tree that is deep rooted and always there for you! Be it your Dad or your boyfriend this twig pin is a beautiful little gift for him. Perfect for this coming Father’s day for a cool Dad.

  • 2.3mm width slim bark ring


    Cast from Irish sea bark, this gold ring has a lovely texture and a high polished smooth inside for comfort. It is a slim band, fitting neatly and delicately on your finger at approximately 2.3 mm in width.

    Submit your size when ordering it will be custom made to your size. Looks very cool as a stacking ring with others or in 3 different metal colours.

    Please order your chosen metal below!

  • “Barking mad about you” pendant


    Are you barking mad about some one? Beautiful textured pendant from the “Barking mad about you” range. Cast from sea bark found along the West coast of Ireland where Eily calls home, this silver pendant will bring you one step closer to the beach.

  • Forest floor ring


    Dainty  ring cast from a twig found on the forest floor. 

    The whole organic and pretty feel of the ring makes it sits beautifully on any hand. Perfect alone or as a stacking ring.

    Follow the grooves and connect yourself back with nature.

    This is made to order and will be hallmarked by London Assay office with registered EOC stamp 2018. The silver option will not be hallmarked as it is under the weight of required piece to be hallmarked.

  • Forest Floor silver ring


    Dainty silver ring cast from a twig found on the forest floor.

    The whole organic and pretty feel of the ring makes it sits beautifully on any hand. Perfect alone or as a stacking ring.

    Follow the grooves and connect yourself back with nature.

    There is lots in stock at the moment so they can be sized to your requirements.

    Please get in touch with any questions.

    Available to commission with other carats and with tiny stones set in, please enquire.

    Happy to include a note if it’s a gift.

    Shipped in bespoke black packaging with gold foil logo.

    Handcrafted carefully in Eily’s Bristol studio.

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