• Mens “Barking mad about you” ring in silver


    Are you barking mad about someone? Cast from Irish sea bark that Eily found whilst foraging along the beaches by her home along the West Coast of Ireland. This silver ring has a lovely texture and polished smooth inside for comfort.

    It is 1-2mm in depth (organic textures change the depth) and 4/5 mm in width. It has a high polish inside.

    Perfect for that special man in your life! It can be worn as fashion accessory or as your special wedding day band. A unique band to suit a unique person.

    Lots of size V in stock in silver and can be made to order and resized in a few days.

    Hallmarked by the London assay office with my registered EOC mark.



    Delicate 18 carat gold ring cast from berries with a textured twig band. The berries were found in Pheonix park, Dublin and cast into gold.

    A white diamond is set into one the heads of the berries and adds a lovely contrast to the ring. Diamond is 2.5 mm.

    The band is cast from a twig and the whole organic and pretty feel of the ring makes it sits beautifully on any hand.

    Wear as an engagement ring to entwine you with a loved one! Or engage yourself šŸ˜‰

    Available to commission made to size, with other carats and stone combinations, please ask.

    All diamonds used are conflict free and all gold recycled gold.

    Made to order in 3-4 weeks, please contact if required sooner.

  • Honeysnake one of a kind earrings


    One of a kind silver, hybrid earrings cast from snakeskin at the top and the bottom is hand fabricated honeycomb structures. For bee and serpeant lovers alike.

    Assymetrical shapes add some quirkiness to the earrings and each one is made individually. The top part of the earrings are  cast from snakeskin and have a beautiful texture and feel. The back is smooth for comfort against the ear.

    The bottom honeycomb part has been cut from sheet and soldered with a wire frame edge and then ā€œhoneycomb enamelingā€ has been done on the inside of  the hand fabricated shapes. This enameling combination is unique to Eily and has been kiln fired on to around 800 degrees.

    These are one of a kind stunning earrings that sit beautifully against the ear.

    They have earring pins and extra large backs for security.

  • Log ring


    Cast from sea bark found along the Irish coast, this silver ring has a lovely texture and polished smooth inside for comfort. It is has a thick wall of approx 2mm and a width of 5mm approx. Organic textures change the depth and widths so measurements are approximate. A “log” sits atop the bark band and create a t bar effect. A striking silver ring for both males and females alike.

    Perfect to add to a stacking ring collection or simply worn alone.

    All work comes packaged in branded black boxes with gold foil logo print. These are made from recycled materials as is all marketing material used in the studio.

  • Brain coral ring – one of a kind with silver, enamel and orange citrine


    One of a kind ring from Eily’s ever evolving “Hybrids” range of contemporary jewellery. This ring is silver with enamel fired inside and has an orange citrine. It’s very unusual in shape and is a talking piece.

    The top part is hollow and the enamel is fired inside this hollow part. This was a tricky process to keep the enamel on the roof of the ring so that it fired successfully to it.Ā  The enamel is a fire red.

    The citrine is held in the “eye” of the bark on top, complimenting the orange tones in the inside enamel.

    A signed card will be written with the ring declaring it’s name and authenticity.

    It is called “Brain Coral” as the colours look like coral mixed with brains. It’s citrine, third eye peers at you whilst wearing and so it deserves a macabre name.

    Please enquire for price and more details.

    Artist statement on “Hybrids”

    Referencing the disruption of natureā€™s order through my work, I create new life forms that appear as direct replications of recognizable organic matter yet they are not quite as they seem.

    Having accumulated an assortment of natural forms and materials based on their intrinsic characters, the process of casting helps me to amalgamate these ever evolving hybrids, deceptively leading to mistaken identity.

    By acting as the divine creator, I am mimicking the power we have to alter natureā€™s path, which ultimately leads to chaos and the sinister presence lurking throughout the work.

  • Barking mad about you ring 4.5mm x 1.2mm

    “Barking mad about you” alternative wedding band. Are you barking mad about someone? Cast from sea bark found along the Irish coast. Eily is from the West Coast of Ireland and so inspiration comes from the wild Atlantic way.
    Gold alternative wedding bands.
  • Corroded Dweller ring size Q


    One of a kind ring from Eily’s “Hybrid” range where each pieces is made up from a hybrid of different species. Recorded into metal and forming new species, these treasures take on a unique life of their own.

    This particular ring “Corroded Dweller” is cast from sea bark, layered up like steps around the finger with a crab’s body and dung beetles head. Other areas have been carved and then it has all been cast into solid silver. It then has orange enamel and a fire opal stone set into it.

    It is so called “Corroded Dweller” as the orange enamelling resembles rustĀ  and dung beetles like to spend time dwelling underground to eat their collections from the day.

    This is a one of a kind piece of contemporary statement jewellery and sits beautifully on the hand.

    Artist statement

    “Referencing the disruption of natureā€™s order through her work, Eily conjuers up wearable macabre treasures, illuminating absurd beauty in natural forms.

    Studying them delicately before deciding how she will encapsulate their inherent attributes, morphing them into new species by casting and recording them in metal opens up a new world for them, allowing change in their disposition, enhancing their mystic. Each piece is then
    refined and gently swathed with gemstones, enamels, surface techniques and other curios.

    Acting as the beholder of such manipulation, O Connell mimics thepower we as humans abuse, altering natureā€™s path. Ultimately, leading to a juxtaposition of allure and a sinister presence lurking through the work.”



    The most pink ring the studio has ever seen! 14 carat rose gold textured ring set with a beautiful radiant pink sapphire. The bark was found and cast in Berta Beach, Westport in Ireland. The interior of the ring is finished with a high shine for comfort.

    The complimenting colours are striking with the rose hues in the gold being accented by the pink sapphire.

    Little granules have been added to the band for ornamentation and they make it a unique ring.

    The whole organic and textured feel of the ring makes it sits beautifully on any hand.

    This one is in stock in size M.

    This ring was featured on the flyer for the “Handmade In Kew” show I did in Kew Gardens recently, London’s Royal Botanical Gardens.

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