Valle De Chiris

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Contemporary brooch from Eily’s “Hybrid” range of one of a kind pieces. So called, as each one is cast from a hybrid of various organic plants or insects. Recorded into silver or gold, these treasures take up a new life of their own and each one is individually named. 

 "Valle De Chiris" is cast from Cactus and holds a grass quartz stone. The dead cactus matter was found as Eily hiked through the "valley of cactus" in Peru. Other areas have been carved from wax to bring it all together and then it has all been cast into solid silver. It has a sheathe of green enamel fired onto it emanating the vivid cactus in the valley. The grass quartz stone was bought in a nearby town. 

This brooch will come with a personalised note and details of it's birth like mentioned above.

Dimensions are 100mm in height and 35 mm with a depth of 10mm so doesn't stick out very much and perfect to add a colour pop to any jacket.

Each treasure comes in custom black boxes that have a gold foil logo. All boxes are recycled as is all business cards and postcards that are also included. An ethical approach is a core value in the studio.