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Recycled silver earrings with a "Wave" of blue sapphires swishing across. White rhodium plated for a glistening effect. Available to collect from Bristol studio or choose speedy shipping! xx

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This ring is just stunning! I've had so many lovely comments from people saying how much they love it and asking me where it's from! And thanks so much to Eily for getting the ring ready at short notice and making sure I got it back on time! I literally couldn't be happier! x


I recently commissioned an engagement ring for my fiancee (spoiler I guess), and the jeweller who made it for me was remarkable.  We exchanged emails for months during lockdown discussing designs, stones and metals. She educated me on every aspect of ring making (because I honestly knew nothing about any of this), and sent me photos of the whole process. Her pricing was completely transparent, and she made alterations after making it for free. She was utterly invested in the ring being great, and me being happy with it. It was a dream.

To take away from this, she was: knowledgeable, patient, generous, friendly. These are what customer service professionals like myself aspire to be.


"A little bit of a wait (from New York) is totally worth such fine craftsmanship. Eily is such a lovely artist. She is also very patient and helpful, always kept me up to date on the process.

The design of the ring balances romantic fascination and effortless elegance, alluring to the eyes, but surprisingly solid to the touch."


These rings were everything we were searching and hoping for... We got a matching pair of bands for our wedding and Eily went above and beyond to make sure we got them in time! She also helped us translate our US ring sizes into UK size and they fit perfectly. Cannot say enough about how beautiful these rings are and how great our experience with the seller/maker was. HIGHLY recommend her and could not be grateful for her talent and service to us! Thank you so much!!


Perfect wedding ring if looking for something delicate and unique