Eily O Connell for the Royal Family

An exciting story from May 2023 below. 

Earlier this year I was commissioned to create some silver pieces by esteemed milliner Jane Taylor to add to a headdress. I was shown a sample of a lace shawl and requested to make something inspired by it. I seen some snowdrops and also some seed heads in the pattern so created both. The snowdrops, I especially loved and they have great significance in the Royal family as Queen Victoria used a bunch of snowdrops for her wedding to Albert. So this was where my idea to use snowdrops as the silver forms came from.

HRH Dutchess of Edinburgh choose the snowdrops to be added after a fitting with Jane and they feature on the beautiful headdress she created. This was worn to the coronation of King Charles lll. 

Honestly it was so overwhelming to be part of such a momentous and historic occasion. I’m very grateful to to have been asked to work on this and it was a nice little change from what I usually create but still within creating organic and natural pieces x


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