"Armour" exhibition in Reykjavík, Iceland

 Solo show

Feb 28, opening 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM

Eily O Connell’s work omits sinister undercurrents as she studies future ecological impacts through various themes. 

She always strives to find a way to incorporate important scientific research through her work as the threat of climate change is imminent and doing so helps her understand the future that lies ahead. Her work takes on macabre forms of what may be. 

Here in Iceland, she met with local glaciologists with a view to doing a body of work on the glacial melt. But through her research, she found that one of the major threats was the unprecedented impact that the temperature change in the ocean due to this melting will have on shell forms. They will no longer be able to create their shells due to the acidic levels in the sea rising up. The possibility of elimination of even the tiniest of species can knock everything out all balance in our ecosystem. 

She has created a vision of what future shells may look like, how they may evolve to be. Their white calcite shell will no longer be able to cope with the acidity, a black shell has more armor for an ominous future. 


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