Ring sizing for your special crab

When it comes to determining a ring size, going to a jeweller is always best. If you can pop into a jewellery shop then great, it will not take more than a few minutes to take a finger size. Sometimes however, getting a ring size needs to be a surprise. So I’ve made this little guide to help you out on such occasions. 

If you need to do this secretly for an engagement or birthday surprise for example, then the best thing to do is size from a ring that the person wears on the target finger. If you are aiming to propose, then you need to determine the size of their ring finger. This is the second left finger on the left hand if you are unsure. 

Otherwise, maybe someone has hinted they would like a pinky ring or a ring they can wear on their index finger. Whichever it is, you will need to determine the size of the finger in question as each finger on everyone’s hands are a different size. Too big and it may swivel around too much or fall off. Too small and it will just be uncomfortable to wear. Never panic if a ring is periodically stuck on a finger, it will come off with some lubricant like vaseline and a good pull.

Rings that are made to the incorrect size can be resized after but it’s better to get it right first time. There may also be a resizing charge determined on a case by case basis. Sometimes a ring cannot be resized also if there is a lot of enamel on it or it has some other obstructing feature. You can discuss possibilities with Eily when purchasing. 

If it’s not a surprise then great, pop into a jewellers or else buy a handy little ring sizer online and do it at home. 

I am attaching some charts below to help you size an existing ring and also a conversion chart that shows converting UK - US - EU sizes for wherever in the world you are. 

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